RL Group is one of the reputed group of Bangladesh.

  1. RL Sourcing Bangladesh is one of the sister concern of RL Group of companies which was established in the year 2016 as garments buying house. RL Sourcing is an international buying house in bangladesh. RL Sourcing has a reputation for sourcing high-quality products is based on ensuring everything as perfect as we can make it down to the finest detail. We believe is the expressed sentiment like “Seeing is Believing” and we are sure that after your visit to our contract factory or our products you would be in a position to have a clear impression on what we have said so far. We are one of the reputed garments buying house. We are Providing end-to-end solutions as a part of the Supply chain. We are providing every support to our customers as an international buying house in bangladesh.garments buying house
  2. RL Accessories a concern of RL Group was established in the year 2015 with a view to providing backward linkage support to the country’s bustling export-oriented garments industries. Considering the structural and item-wise various product range and production capacity, RL Accessories is a rapidly growing Accessories manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. The facilities are equipped with state of the art machinery and are backed up with a team of trained and efficient human resources. RL Accessories Started production with a firm determination to manufacture international standard quality garments accessories. From the inception, the company had a policy to popularize Garments Accessories effectively and distribution regards to customer demands.  our focus on the development of customized new product and productivity, facilities, quality, delivery and controlling system, We are continuously increasing our client list and to meet up the requirement. 
  3. RL Apparels Limited is one of the sister concern of RL Group of companies which was established in the year 2018 as a Garments manufacturing unit. All types of knit and woven garments manufacturing unit.